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”I was born on November 5, 1999 to Robb & Wendy Nelson and was welcomed home by my big brother, Brady. I was baptized as a young child at Bethany Lutheran Church. When I was 7 months old I had a seizure that lasted 4 hours and landed me in Children’s Hospital. It was during that time that my parents first heard the word Sturge-Weber Syndrome, a brain disease that caused me a great deal of physical and mental problems. For the next couple of years Children’s Hospital was my home away from home. I have always had doctors, hospitals and therapists in my life. I suffered from uncontrolled seizures most of my life, my mind and my body didn’t always work right and I took a lot of medication with terrible side effects. I died at home in my sleep as a result of a seizure.”
“My life was full of joy as well as pain, but mostly joy! I had two dogs T-Bone and Buddy. My brother, Brady, was my best friend! I loved to ride my tricycle, play with puzzles & blocks, watch Barney & the Wiggles, dance and be outside as much as possible! When I was one year old, my parents started Hunter’s Dream for a Cure (huntersdream.org). The foundation, named after me, has raised over a million dollars for kids with my disease as well as other special needs kids. Family, friends, companies, complete strangers as well as Celebrities in the NFL, MLB, NBA, music industry and actors all have helped support my Dream. I was lucky to be on Garth Brooks stage, and both Craig Morgan and Gary Morris have both sung songs in support of my Dream!”
“I will miss you all! Don’t be sad because my life was full of joy and I am now in a place where I will have no more seizures, no more headaches and I won’t have to take that terrible medication. I am thinking clearly, running with the other angels in Heaven and I am completely free of the dreadful disease that plagued my body on Earth.”
“My parents said I was their Greatest Teacher! I taught them unconditional love, faith in God, hope, strength, courage, humility, patience and compassion. Don’t forget me! I also hope that you will never forget less fortunate children who will always need your support. Always help those who can’t help themselves! I will always have a Dream for a Cure, I hope you do to! God Bless You All!”
Yours In Heaven, Hunter Andrews Nelson
November 5, 1999 to May 29, 2005

Love Life ~ Laugh & Play ~ Smile Forever